William R. Baumheuter, II is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner operating in the St. Louis, MO Flight Standards District for the following Pilot and Flight Instructor Certifications:

Sport Pilot Airplane Single-engine Land

Private Pilot Airplane Single-engine and Multi-engine Land

Instrument Airplane rating

Commercial Pilot Airplane Single-engine and Multi-engine Land

Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Single-engine and Multi-engine Land

Flight Instructor Airplane Airplane Single-engine and Multi-engine (additional ratings)

Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (additional rating)

Flight Instructor Renewal and Reinstatement (Single-engine and Multi-engine)

Type Rating issuance for Second in Command per FAR 61.55
(where the applicant has completed an Approved Training Course)

Multi-engine Land practical tests in the Piper PA-23-250, PA-44, Cessna 310 series, 414 series, 421 series, Beech 58 series, Aerostar 602P.


Consultant and Expert witness in
aviation related civil litigation

Curriculum Vitae
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The following services are also available:

Professional Flight Instruction

Aircraft Mechanic and
Inspection Authorization Services